International Lottery Bill Gates Foundation

A few days ago, a good friend received a message in his mail which informed him that he had won a prize at International Lottery Bill Gates Foundation ( International Lottery Bill Gates Foundation ) , with a prize of 250 000 euros. For a moment he wondered if it was true or not and was very excited , but he had no  difficulty realizing it was a fraud , for the simple reason that no ticket HAD BEEN PURCHASED.

The message read as follows :
Cher winner,
We send you this letter to inform you that you are getting the sum of 250,000 euros.  please contact the Office of FERDINAND GOULET . Receive all the congratulations of the group INTERNATIONAL BILL GATES MICROSOFT. Send an   email :

Tel: (00225) 41 87 94 152
For convidamo – mais informaçãoes take the file has gathered à conhecimento do this for a notificação mensagem do Vosso ganho.
Responsavel da Campanha

Bill gates international Lottery Foundation

In body of the email and PDF there are some images and a more detailed explanation on the prize and why you were the fortunate winner. To make it look more real and to convince you that is all true and you accept it as a true thing. What could happen if we contact the above.

Loteria Bill Gates Foundation

Loteria Bill Gates fraude
—— End of Message

Simply will inform us that to collect the award is necessary to send a series of data , among which is the bank account number in which the transfer of the prize will be deposited , until there is not much trick , because they can not do anything with the account number , but if you gave them our name , address , zip code, telephone, and other personal data, that they can use on other scams. When we send the info they  tell us that we need to deposit a certain amount of money , which can range from 100 to 1.000 euros , that can be used to cover the costs of processing the payment, Lawyers , transfer cost , etc. . we should not worry , since the prize is an amount much higher than the amount they are charging, and remind us that 250,000 euros are what we just won .

If someone deposits money they ask for that is the way in which the deception occurs because once the payment  is made, we will not know anything more about the award.

This type of scam is known as ” Nigerian letters ” , ” Nigerian lottery ” or ” Nigerian scam ” . it consist in deluding the victim with an nonexistent  grand prize and convince them to pay an amount of money up front , as a condition to access the supposed fortune.

Remember that all email scams , establish a short period in order to claim the prize or resolve the situation with the bank , because if we do not act fast we will loose  the ” great opportunity ” .

We Should always think two, three or even four times before acting. We must analyze   ” how can I get you a prize if I did not buy a ticket ” it is impossible ! .

To give you more credibility , the crooks put Microsoft to give ” confidence” that everything is legal and grounded .

However, when consulting  at Microsoft they make the following clarification :

What is the lottery scam Microsoft?

The lottery scam Microsoft is a fraud which begins with an email message stating that the recipient has won “The Microsoft Lottery

There is no Microsoft lottery and if you receive this email message it has been sent by cybercriminals to try Steal money. These emails are designed to start a dialogue that aims to convince you to send them money. Once you have sent the money, the perpetrator will often contact a different story to convince you to pay more money to get the cash prize.

In order to obtain the fictitious prize, the criminal might ask you to pay a sum of money in advance to cover costs, such as taxes, mail services, checks United Nations compensation, attorney fees, etc. Criminals often seem credible and the methods they use very creative brands, personalities and known companies, such as Microsoft and Bill Gates to lend credibility and authenticity to the emails.