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  • Payment to

    This morning I received an email from ‘PayPal’ (I think it was not from PayPal and this is what I did to find out if the email was legit). I did buy some things with my PayPal account a couple of days ago, so I guessed it was a shipment confirmation. At first I didn’t […]

  • Cards in my Wallet – April 2016

    Having several cards, let’s me maximize the cash back I can get. Having a great wife to share credit card perks is also an excellent way to get more cash back. As you may know, we started building our credit history in the USA a couple of years ago, since then we got several cards […]

  • Redbox Coupons

    This information is for our readers living in USA. Redbox is a company that rent movies from boxes that are at many places. Sometimes inside buildings and sometimes outside. This boxes are clearly marked and they use the color red most of the time (I have seen some boxes in blue inside some Wal-Marts). This […]