There’s a bonus with your name on it

Alberto, there’s a bonus with your name on it. That’s the subject on an email I just received from Capital One. That’s an strange email to receive because I don’t get email from Capital One with promotions, but this one have some valid information, maybe too much to be fake. First of all it has the last 4 digits from the credit card I have with Capital One, then they use the name as it appears on the card, then they mention the 1.5% cash back I get on the card (so they know I have the Quicksilver) and the most important thing: there is no login to activate the offer (that usually it is a fake address and not the real one from Capital One).

After making sure the email is legit, I started reading all the information on it, yes even the small text.The email start with this image:

Capital One $25 bonus

Re: Your account ending in 1234

Alberto D.,

There’s a $25 bonus waiting for you. Just use your Capital One card to pay your cell phone bill before October 3, 2018.

To make things easy, check if your provider offers the option to pay with a credit card, and make your Capital One card your preferred payment option.

Of course your bonus is on top of the unlimited 1.5% cash back you earn for every purchase, every day.

Don’t miss this $25 bonus. Pay your next cell phone bill with your Capital One card.

After reading the small print I understand the following:

  • Elegible period: July 3, 2018 – October 3, 2018
  • One-time bonus of $25
  • Will be statement credit
  • Transactions made before or after the dates will not qualify
  • Account credits lower your account balance but do not count toward your minimum monthly payment obligation
  • Must pay a qualifying monthly cell phone service bill
  • The statement credit will post within 90 days of the offer end date

Why I was targeted?

I been using my Chase Freedom Unlimited card for 1.5% for the last few months, and the Capital One Quicksilver is at $0 balance for a couple of months now, maybe that was the reason of this promotion, to start using the card again.

I’m glad I still read emails, there are a few offers that you only get by email. My kids don’t read personal email at all, they only use the school email account to check school projects.

Past offer

Last time I used the card was to pay for Spotify, there was a public offer that you get 50% back from your monthly payment. It was very easy to use, just pay online for the service and see a credit on your account for the 50%.

This is what I have (last Spotify purchase):

  • April 10 – Spotify $10.81
  • April 10 – 50% Credit for Spotify Promo $5.40
  • Cash back from Spotify purchase $0.16
  • Total out of pocket for 1 month service $5.25

This offer was public and to all card holders, not targeted as the one from this post.

I have the Capital One Quicksilver for about a year now, it started as a Capital One Venture but it had an annual fee and I’m changing a couple of cards that have AF to a no AF version or cancel the card.

Do you have a Capital One card? Did you receive this offer or any other in the past?